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What to know about high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack

High blood pressure—or hypertension—is a risk factor for stroke and heart attack, as well as other health conditions. Working with your doctor to monitor your blood pressure is one important way to stay on top of your overall health.

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  • Know your numbers: Blood pressure

    Each time you visit the doctor, you get your blood pressure taken. It’s important to know what your blood pressure numbers mean and why they matter.

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  • How to spot a heart attack

    Do you know how to spot a heart attack? When you think of heart attacks, chest pain may be the first symptom that comes to mind. Learn the other subtler signs of a heart attack.

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  • Understanding AFIB and stroke risk

    Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is one of the most common heart conditions. And it can significantly increase your risk of stroke. Learn about this connection, as well as your options to treat AFib and lower your stroke risk.

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  • Is it white coat syndrome or is it hypertension?

    If your blood pressure peaks every time you’re in the doctor’s office, you may have white coat syndrome. We break down what you need to know about white coat syndrome, high blood pressure and how to tell the difference.

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  • Download: Printable blood pressure tracking log

    Tracking your blood pressure at home? Download our printable blood pressure tracking log to get started.

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  • Find a care provider

    Whether you’re looking for a cardiologist or a family care doctor, you can find an Adventist Health provider near you.